The Company

As a service company with high quality standards we have more than 30 years of experience in developing functional printed circuits boards (pcb) from initial circuit ideas.
Because of our experience we have specialised in the field of PCB-Design. However, together with partners who complete the assortment, we are able to offer you a complete service.
The most modern CAD-computers enable us to realize each circuit problem while considering your special requirements in an economical layout. It doesn`t matter if a circuit should be constructed in SMD-technique, conventional or in mixed form.
New Technologies like highspeed routing, impedance controlled applications, Microvia, etc. are integrated in our work portfolio immediatly and offered to our customers
Generally we make layouts without the assistance of auto routers, since this is the only way to quarantee highest quality standards. 
Additionally we offer your developers to participate to the allocation of parts, routing of critical lines, as well as the realization of other special requirements.  Of course, we are also happy to visit your facilities to discuss certain matters.

 The Layouts are usually developed with the CAD programs CADSTAR by Zuken and Altium Designer. In close co-operation with our customer we also designed layouts in the program CR5000 (ZUKEN).

: Our motto is to create a layout in close co-operation with the authorized developer that fully fulfills the required quality demands.